Our mission is to become the world's most sustainable beauty retailer.


Founder & CEO

A by-product of my humble upbringing in India, was the inherent minimal waste living. No jar was ever thrown as it was endlessly reused and every tube was squeezed till the very end.

We didn't call it sustainability, that's just how we lived.

At Haldi, the same philosophy is in our DNA. We want no jar to go to waste and every tube on your bathroom shelf to be squeeeeeeezed. So we build routines around what's on your bathroom shelf.

The beauty industry has a lot of waste and it's beyond packaging. From users being in an endless cycle of trial and error and never reaching the bottom of a jar, to products expiring on retailers shelves, the waste is significant, all of which lands up in landfill. Yes, landfill!

I invite you to join #squeezethetube to ensure every product you buy is right for you and your skin, and is squeezed till the end. Collectively we can make a significant difference.

Our Philosophy:

Use what you have, buy only what you need.

It's our unique take

on sustainability

Our sustainability practices


Personal recommendations that will work for you

We only recommend products that have a high chance of working for you, to break you out of the endless cycle of trial and error. This leads to less unused product sitting on bathroom shelves and significantly lower returns. Overall less landfill!


All sizes available

We want you to buy the size that is right for you at that moment, not the largest size to maximize our sales. So we carry all available sizes of a product, from minis to jumbos. If you are checking out a product for the 1st time, maybe start with the mini. And if you are in love with a product, go for the full size/jumbo. By right-sizing our purchase, we all can play a part.


Keep using what you have

You have products you bought elsewhere which are still half full, we would never ask you to toss them and start from scratch. It's just too wasteful. We only recommend products for gaps in your routine, stuff you really need. Overall less consumption, even if it means less sales for us.


Personalized samples

Samples are a great way to get to know a product before you buy. But samples lead to a ton of waste with boxes being stuffed with samples, you will never use. So we even personalize our samples, any sample you receive has a high chance of working for you, so you can try without the waste.


Behind the scenes geeky stuff

A lot of industry waste happens with retailers sending unsold inventory back to brands; expired or discontinued products, all of which land up in landfill. We've built a data science backed inventory management system, which significantly reduces expired products or unsold inventory. Bottom line, less landfill.