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For that minimalst

Who still washes their face with body wash

You've told us about these people in your lives - boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, even father - who has NO skincare routine at all and you'd want them to have something. So we created Haldi's "no-routine" routine, that's so simple to follow, they wont even know they have a routine.

Includes 3 of our lowest fuss, multi-tasking products. Ursa Major's face wash gives a refreshing cleanse with a hit of AHA exfoliation. January Labs's lightweight moisturizer hydrates the skin. And Thank You Farmer's featherlight sunscreen gives protection without any stickiness.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash (Travel size 50ml)
January Labs Moisturizing Lotion (Full size 60ml)
Thank You Farmer Sunscreen SPF 50 (Full size 40ml)