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For that person who needs some TLC

After a very long 2020!

For the peeps in our lives who've spent the year taking care of everyone else except themselves. Who would never even think of pampering themselves, as it would be too much fuss. Inspired by them, we created Haldi's "TLC-without-the-fuss" routine.

Start with Osea Cleansing Milk, enriched with nature’s best skin soothers (water lily and rose), perfect for mature skin. Apply Alpha-H's award winning cult treatment as an all-in one toner, exfoliator, serum and moisturizer. Use Pai's highly regenerative multi-tasking Rosehip Oil for the ultimate TLC moment.

All the pampering, none of the fuss. Perfect for mom, aunt lily, grandma (and me).

Osea Cleansing Milk (Travel size 18ml)
Alpha H Liquid Gold (Travel size 30ml)
Pai Rosehip Oil (Full size 30ml)

who needs some TLC